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Active as a Merchant Aggregator Offers an Exciting Set of Features to Merchant Partners

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Source: is present in Indonesia as a merchant aggregator where its position is precisely as a supplier of promotional information and physical store discount (read: mall) which invites users to return to offline shopping.

The news as reported through Tech in Asia Indonesia is a golden opportunity for to be able to serve users, especially in this month of Ramadan. Therefore, the current startup is reportedly intensified efforts related to the various features it offers on merchant partners.

One interesting feature is the advertising space. Merchant partners can submit promotional or discount advertising on their platforms. Not only that, for merchant partners who want to get a special place for their ads, can take advantage of premium banner feature. Through this feature, merchant ads can be posted directly on the first page. In addition to space for promotion, a feature that is also worth a glance is a notification feature.

Through this feature as well, merchant partners can automatically notify users who are interested in their product discount. Your own notifications will be sent directly by GoToMalls.comto registered users.

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