Share Strategy to Bring Back Shoppers to Malls and Stores

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Bruno Zysman, founder and CEO of Dominopos Pte Ltd will share his vision about the digital transformation of retail industry in Seamless Asia 2018. The session takes place at E-Commerce & Retail Theatre stage, May 4th, 2018 at 10.30 AM. Seamless Asia 2018 exhibition is the largest commerce exhibition in Asia, starting from 3rd of May until 4th of May 2018 at Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore. The exhibition gathers more than 200 speakers and up to 6,000 participants, from solution providers, business executives, and senior representatives, payment experts to brands & retailers, stakeholders of commerce ecosystem in Asia.

Dominopos Pte Ltd, a Singapore technology company devoted to support the brick & mortar industry has developed, a smart Malls and Stores Directory connecting online shoppers with offline stores. To face the competition with e-Commerce, offers a full-fledged marketing solution, helping brick and mortar retailers to have a proper online presence with a suite of powerful services and functionalities.

During the event, Bruno Zysman will share his vision on how to re-connect shoppers with malls and store. He will showcase a range of innovations and solutions including a smart geo-located and profile based search engine helping shoppers to find malls, stores and deals near them in no time, a next-generation shopping assistant chatbot, powered by AI and deep learning algorithms, connecting shoppers with stores, and a hot deals feature offering huge discounts for consumers in a limited time to purchase products online and to redeem in stores.

“Consumers will receive various benefits from Getting the latest information chatting with the shopping assistant or buying favorite items through Hot Deals is a breeze. GoToMalls mission is to reach online shoppers and facilitate an effective and efficient offline shopping experience and to improve user’s experience in store. We are confident that will make consumers more interested in visiting malls. Retailers can also optimize these features to encourage consumers to purchase their products, for instance by running ad campaigns in a smart and powerful way,” Bruno said. launched and operates in Indonesia since July 2016. It was accessed by more than 28 million visitors, referencing 415 malls & shopping centers and more than 30,000+ stores. GoToMalls’ smart algorithm offers an unprecedented access for offline merchants especially in malls and shopping complexes to a powerful 360° Marketing suite of services, built to revive the offline retail industry.

In 2018, has started to expand in Singapore. Currently referencing 106 shopping malls and 8,000 stores in Singapore, is confident to extend its suite of services and integrating cutting-edge technologies to bring back shoppers to malls and stores in Singapore. makes a breeze for its users and visitors to stay up to date with the latest promotions, discounts, coupons, offers, deals and events available from our malls, shopping centers, merchants, brands, and stores partners. Our geo-located and contextual searching features give anyone access to a personalized information.

Expert in the Online to Offline (O2O) market and industry, helps malls, shopping centers, merchants, brands, and stores to reach their audience and to unlock new market segments as well as to communicate and release their marketing strategies online. stands up with and next to merchants, brands and stores to compete with the growing e-commerce channel by building a strong online to offline channel.

Partners with PayPro, Features an Integrated Digital Wallet

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in news announces its collaboration with PayPro in the form of an integrated electronic payment system. The presence of the feature is intended to facilitate the user in transacting with merchant partners in malls and shopping centers.

“This collaboration can also encourage and increase sales of offline merchants in the mall. This cooperation also helps the government in promoting cashless society campaign,” said DominoPos PTE LTD CEO Bruno Zysman.

Payment Feature and User Generated Content on

Posted on Leave a commentPosted in news presents a fresh design, which features personalized push notification, ratings and reviews. Meanwhile, the e-wallet payment feature is currently in beta and will be ready in 2 weeks. Bruno Zysman, CEO of DominoPos PTE LTD as a GoToMalls developer in his official statement explains, in this fast-paced era, seeks to understand and fulfill every individual’s needs.

Shopping at GoToMalls is Now Available with Virtual Wallet

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Users of the GoToMalls mobile web platform can now enjoy the new features of a kind of integrated e-wallet. It helps shopping enthusiasts who no longer need to bother with payment systems. To provide such features, GoToMalls works with the Paypro virtual wallet service that was previously named Dompetku. “The payment system is not from us but has been there before and can be integrated into the platform,” said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DominoPos PTE LTD Bruno Zysman in Media Luncheon event in Jakarta, Wednesday (18/10).
Paypro users who previously have an account can use it inside GoToMalls so there’s no need to create a new account.

Offline Shopping Also Offers Lots of Advantages That Online Shopping Doesn’t Have

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The growth of online commerce is really fast and unstoppable., # 1 Malls, Stores & Deals Directory bring the opportunity for offline retailers to reach online audience and bring them back to their shelves. fill the gap to support offline retail to keep up with e-commerce. Integrating cutting-edge technology, taking its step in the transformation of offline retail industry in digital era.

GoToMalls Tambah Opsi Pembayaran Gandeng Paypro

GoToMalls Adds a Payment Option by Using PayPro

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According to CEO of Dominos PTE LTD, Bruno Zysman, they added new payment options using PayPro because they want to provide new experiences to users when making transactions. With PayPro, users can redeem discount coupons as well as pay for their groceries via the GoToMalls platform. Payment features via PayPro’s e-wallet at GoToMalls are currently only available in Beta version.

However, even though the payments already support the online system using PayPro, GoToMalls users still have to make purchases at the merchant’s store. GoToMalls does not serve online ordering or delivery because their platform is aimed at increasing the mall’s appeal for people to visit.

Gotomalls featured in Harian Bisnis Indonesia, From Discount to Event to Celebrate Ramadan and Eid-Al Fitr Holiday

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Source: Harian Bisnis Indonesia, 13 June 2017

Working closely with thousands of merchants and stores, provides information on discounts and events held by shopping centers to make shopping easier.

Bruno Zysman, CEO of DominoPos PTE LTD as a holding company said is a geo-located and online real-time platform that provides information about promotions and events at malls and shopping complexes in Indonesia.

Since July 2016, has managed to reach 4,268,933 users and 9,048,011 page views. Currently, has 385 mall directories across Indonesia with more than 6,444 brands, 22,183 stores and merchants., optimistic with high mall penetration in Indonesia especially Jakarta and aiming to turn online users into offline buyers through its platform. The DominoPos PTE LTD as a holding company of

Gotomalls featured in

Active as a Merchant Aggregator Offers an Exciting Set of Features to Merchant Partners

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Source: is present in Indonesia as a merchant aggregator where its position is precisely as a supplier of promotional information and physical store discount (read: mall) which invites users to return to offline shopping.

The news as reported through Tech in Asia Indonesia is a golden opportunity for to be able to serve users, especially in this month of Ramadan. Therefore, the current startup is reportedly intensified efforts related to the various features it offers on merchant partners.

One interesting feature is the advertising space. Merchant partners can submit promotional or discount advertising on their platforms. Not only that, for merchant partners who want to get a special place for their ads, can take advantage of premium banner feature. Through this feature, merchant ads can be posted directly on the first page. In addition to space for promotion, a feature that is also worth a glance is a notification feature.

Through this feature as well, merchant partners can automatically notify users who are interested in their product discount. Your own notifications will be sent directly by GoToMalls.comto registered users.

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GoToMalls Strategy Push Consumers Back to Visit Physical Shopping Center

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GoToMalls, a mall directory platform, is increasingly active in adding new features to encourage consumers more comfort when searching for information on the site before visiting a physical shopping center.

One of the steps that will soon be done is to attract partners from electronic purse service providers.

CEO of GoToMalls; Bruno Zysman explains the development of electronic wallets that will be available on the platform will be multi e-wallet, to facilitate offline transaction process that has been difficult to be realized because of the complicated process. He predicted that the monetization could start at the end of the year.

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GotoMalls’ Strategy Encourages Society to be Back to Offline Shopping

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Bruno Zysman as CEO of Dominos PTE LTD then formed a merchant aggregator platform named GoToMalls. Zysman said this platform was established as a solution for the mall to be attractive as a shopping center.

As a merchant aggregator, GoToMalls displays information on discounts and promos offered by their merchant partners at various malls in Indonesia. In addition, GoToMalls also provides discount coupons whose purpose is to increase the attraction of the mall so that people want to visit there.

The strategy applied by GoToMalls to attract people shopping directly in the mall is more or less the same with Pomona. This mall directory startup offers redemption points with attractive prizes such as door prizes and shopping vouchers.

With these rewards, consumers are encouraged to perform offline shopping activities to a number of tenants in the shopping center.