expands to Indonesia

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Singapore-based company DominoPos has launched its proximity marketing and digital media platform in Indonesia.

Offering a geo-located, profile-based smart directory of malls and stores in Indonesia, the website aims to revive offline transactions, “bringing the community’s spirit back to the malls through digital media support”.

CEO Bruno Zysman says the platform helps offline retail brands publish their own call-to-action campaigns, and promote products or services on a digital platform to their target audience. It lists up to 375 malls and shopping complexes, along with 19,000 stores.

To ease its entry into the Indonesian market, the site has partnered with telecommunications company PT Indosat, also known as Indosat Ooredoo, and ride-hailing app Grab.

GoToMalls launched in Singapore in February and plans to expand further internationally.

Mall directory website launches in Indonesia

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While e-commerce has been growing at a substantial pace in Indonesia, its effect of turning away shoppers from offline retailers is yet to be felt.

Malls still dominate the daily life of Indonesians, who prefer the experience of going to physical stores.

Demonstrating the strong grip that malls and offline stores have on the local market, Singapore-based company DominoPos Pte Ltd launched on Tuesday a real-time proximity marketing and digital media platform named

Offering a comprehensive geo-located, profile-based smart directory of malls and stores in Indonesia, the website aims to enhance the online and offline business in shopping complexes by reviving offline transactions, bringing “the community’s spirit back to the malls through digital media support.”

“What we are doing with is actually assisting all the offline retail brands to publish their own call-to-action campaigns, promote their products or services on a digital platform and fully utilize their target audience,” CEO Bruno Zysman said.

The website provides its users with a comprehensive reference about shopping malls, stores and promotions. It lists up to 375 malls and shopping complexes, along with 19,000 stores.

To ease their entry into the Indonesian market, the site has partnered with telecommunications operator PT Indosat, also known as Indosat Ooredoo, and ride-hailing app provider Grab.

Aside from Indonesia, GoToMalls was deployed in DominoPos’ home country of Singapore in February. It also plans to expand into other countries. (lnd)

Hemat Waktu dan Uang Sebelum Belanja di Mal dengan Aplikasi Ini

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Kebiasaan belanja yang mulai bergeser dari offline ke online membuat platform online real time membuat terobosan. Perusahaan yang berbasis di Singapura tersebut membuat aplikasi yang memberi info berbagai promo menarik dan event yang sedang diadakan di mal terdekat pengguna.

Hingga kini, telah bekerjasama dengan sekitar 375 mal, 5.000 brand, dan 19.000 toko. Platform online real time ini menjadi panduan belanja tanpa perlu mendatangi langsung pusat perbelanjaan atau mal.

“Pusat perbelanjaan butuh bantuan melakukan inisiatif pemasaran yang dapat menarik pengunjung untuk berbelanja secara offline. ingin memudahkan pengunjung untuk menemukan informasi lengkap dan baru,” papar Bruno Zysman, CEO DominoPos PTE LTD saat ditemui oleh tim, Selasa (21/3/2017). juga telah bekerjasama dengan Indosat Ooredoo dan Grab Indonesia agar para peritel offline dapat mempromosikan produk dan jasanya secara online dan efisien., A Real Time Online Solution to Increase Indonesian Retail Business in Shopping Malls

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The first and best geo-located and profile based smart directory of malls and stores in Indonesia

Tuesday, March 21st 2017, Media Gathering has been held by in Kresna Tower, 5th Floor. Beside’s team, there were Mr. Alphonzus Widjaja of APPBI; Mr. Haryanto Pratantara of HIPPINDO; and Mr.Bayu Seto of GRAB Indonesia as spokesperson in talk show session.

DominoPos Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company, launched in Indonesia, a real-time proximity marketing and digital media platform generating traction to the mall’s retailers and providing them with digital awareness. partners with Indosat Ooredoo and with Grab by providing exciting integrated feature, where users can get a Grab to go to their favorite mall.

As the first and best geo-located and profile based smart directory of malls and stores in Indonesia to improve the Online to Offline business in shopping complexes, converts online users to offline buyers by referencing shopping malls, stores, promotions, coupons and events in any country, especially in Indonesia where the penetration of shopping malls is high. With 375 Malls and Shopping Complex, 5,000+ brands and 19,000+ stores, has a strong network covering Malls and Shopping Center in major cities across Indonesia. provides a complete reference to shop at the mall using online marketing approach, aims to revive the offline transactions in a shopping center by increasing the community’s spirit back to the mall through digital media support.

Currently, some of the stores have already switched their approach and shifted to online promotions. This initiative is conducted by merchants to continue to communicate with their customers anywhere, anytime. However, some of the obstacles encountered by shoppers to obtain up to date information, such as promotions or events in shopping malls, explains why shopping in malls might become something of the past.

“Because consumers change their shopping behavior malls surely need assistance to do marketing initiatives to bring visitors back to brick and mortar’s shops especially in this digital era. So, was developed with a vision of increasing the brick and mortar’s retail economy in Indonesia by creating a platform that is easily accessed by anyone, anywhere. wants to make it easy for malls’ shoppers to find complete and up to date information. We are also aiming to work with Indonesian banks, airlines and other mass transportation companies to improve the users’ experience, ” said the CEO of, Bruno Zysman.

“ aims to bridge the offline shopping activities in malls. Customers can simply visit the website and they would get all the information for all malls in one place. is trying to become a digital solution for the shopping center industry and retail in Indonesia.”

“What we are doing with is actually assisting all the offline retail brands to publish their own call to action campaigns, promote their products or services on a digital platform and fully utilize their targeted audience.” Bruno added is also proposing promotions partnership with Malls and other relevant partners to increase a 360° integrated marketing values. The first malls to have an official cross promotion partnership with are Beachwalk Bali (since December 2016), Living World Alam Sutera (since February 2017), Level 21 Mall in Denpasar (since March 2017) and Park23 Entertainment Center in Kuta (since March 2017). Additional malls partnerships are currently underway in first quarter of 2017 and will continue throughout the year.

Since July 2016, the online traffic growth rate is 70% per month, reaching more than 945.000 unique visitors and around 2.100.000 total page views (source: Google Analytics). The target is to reach 1 million unique visitors/month by April 2017. This growth demonstrates the excitement from the communities as seen from the’ social media accounts with 71,000+ Facebook Fan Page Likes, 39,000+ Twitter followers and 23,000+ Instagram Followers.

The platform is now rewarding any shoppers who sign up in through specific promotion campaign  For example, the next sign-up promotion campaign in early April will give a chance to get a free stay at Club Med Bali and on this March, Electronic Solution provide exclusive discount coupon that can be use that their store in Living World Alam Sutera Mall for all who shops a minimum value of Rp.500,000 (five hundred thousand rupiah) and they will get an instant cashback of Rp.100,000 (one hundred thousand rupiah). Not only in Living World Mall, soon this exclusive discount coupon would be available across Indonesia a valid for users in all of PT. Electronic Solution Indonesia’s 52 (fifty two) stores all over Indonesia.

With new features in development such as integration of payment technologies to facilitate the acquisition of vouchers and online coupons, native applications on Android and iOS and much more to come, Bruno sees a bright future in Indonesia and elsewhere in the world. deployment in Singapore started in February 2017 and others countries will soon follow.


About allows consumers to stay updated with the newest promotions, discounts, coupons and events in malls and shopping centers. Our geo-location and smart searching feature enable users to get personalized information based on location and needs.

By focusing on Online to Offline (O2O), helps malls and shopping centers to reach wider market segments and to communicate their marketing actions in a digital way. For merchants, enhance the opportunity to compete with the growth of e-commerce and bring shoppers back to their stores.; the best mall-goers’ partner with the most comprehensive information every day!

Thanks to all media and partners who attend the Media Gathering:

Dailysocial,, Harian Kompas,, CLEO, Investor Magazine,, Investor Daily, Gogirl, Info Jakarta, Bisnis Indonesia, Majalah Pajak, Republika, Femina, Suara Pembaca, Nylon, Jakarta Post,,, CosmoGirl, Cosmopolitan, Tempo,,, Suara Pembaruan, Jakarta Post,, Lampu Hijau, ClubMed.

Asyik, Sekarang Sudah Ada Aplikasi Nge-Mall Terbaru!

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Semakin berkembangnya zaman, kebutuhan kamu juga tentunya akan semakin bertambah. Berarti, apa yang harus kamu lakukan untuk memenuhi kebutuhan tersebut? Tentunya kamu harus mencari semua kebutuhan itu untuk bisa terus melanjutkan hidup.

Tetapi, dengan kesibukan yang kamu jalani saat ini, tentunya cukup sulit untuk membagi waktu agar kamu mengumpulkan semua kebutuhanmu tepat waktu. Selain itu, kamu tentu tidak akan bisa ke mall seenak waktu untuk mencari semua kebutuhan tersebut. Lalu, apa solusinya? Tenang, sekarang kan sudah ada aplikasi nge-mall terbaru.

Aplikasi Nge-Mall Terbaru!

JalanTikus Image 2 ok

Zaman dulu yang namanya produk atau brand apa pun pasti dapat ditemukan di pusat perbelanjaan atau mall, dengan cara buka toko lengkap dengan para penjaga toko yang unyu-unyu itu. Di dalam Mall, setiap brand memiliki kebebasan eksklusif dengan tokonya, mulai dari dekorasi yang sekreatif mungkin hingga penawaran harga yang bersaing untuk menarik pengunjung masuk dan belanja di tokonya.

Seiring dengan perkembangan teknologi maka terjadi fenomena menjamurnya Online Shopping. Perkembangan industri e-commerce ini tentu punya dampak langsung terhadap bisnis mall. Persaingan yang terjadi antara keduanya ini pun semakin meruncing, di mana banyak online shop yang menawarkan produk lebih murah dengan kualitas yang beda tipis dan kenyamanan belanja yang berbeda jika dibandingkan dengan nge-mall yang konvensional. Dengan platform e-commerce yang semakin canggih, beragam promosi dan katalog produk pun bisa langsung diakses pengguna melalui smartphone kapan saja dan di mana saja.

Bukannya Nge-Mall Memang Lebih Enak Ya?

Benar, segitu gampangnya belanja dengan online shopping tapi ada satu yang tidak bisa tergantikan dengan pergi ke mall sesungguhnya, yaitu pengalaman orang untuk mencari dan memilih produk secara nyata. Bedakan milih produk di katalog dengan memilih produk di etalase, melihat, meraba, menyentuh secara langsung baju yang disukai misalnya, atau cobain gadget baru sebelum beli. Sensasi nge-mall inilah yang tiada duanya.

Di lain sisi, mall goers perlu adanya panduan lengkap untuk cari brand atau toko tertentu di mall terdekat, atau tempat hangout kesayangan buka sampai jam berapa, dan lainnya. Kalau memang mau cari tahu, harus download aplikasi atau lihat website masing-masing mall. Proses seperti ini sering kali mengalami kendala seperti Internet lemot, atau juga bisa aja situsnya tidak menyediakan info yang diperlukan. Bete kan? Bukan cuma pembeli yang kesel, tapi sebagai pemilik brand juga kehilangan kesempatan transaksi sampai jutaan rupiah.

Jadi Apa Solusinya?

JalanTikus Image 1 ok

Di sinilah melihat fenomena yang kini tengah terjadi, maka muncul aplikasi baru berbasis web yang berfungsi sebagai teman kamu untuk pergi nge-mall alias Mall Guide. Tentunya dengan harapan bisa membawa gebrakan baru bagi toko dan produk untuk meningkatkan pengunjung yang berujung pada meningkatnya transaksi penjualan. Nah buat yang suka nge-mall? Ya lebih seru dong sebelum nge-mall buka karena di situ bisa dapat info lengkap tentang beragam promosi, diskon, event seru di Mall, jadi lebih siap dan tahu mau ngapain kalau ke Mall, lebih efisienlah istilahnya! bukanlah aplikasi yang terbuat dari konten kiriman pengguna namun setiap konten yang ada di dalam adalah konten asli dari brand/produk/toko itu sendiri yang terdapat di dalam mall. Jadi maksudnya, semua informasi promosi yang ada di dalam benar- benar terpercaya karena memang dikontrol langsung oleh si pemilik brand/toko tersebut.

Ih Keren, Terus Apa Lagi Kelebihannya? juga memberikan pemilik brand kontrol atas pengalaman si pengguna aplikasi alias customer experience. Di piranti mobile seperti handphone misalnya saat ini jalan satu-satunya bagi pemilik brand untuk memberikan customer experience adalah dengan membuat aplikasi. Tapi kan sering kali para pengguna/customer juga nggak mau untuk memenuhi layar HP mereka dengan aplikasi yang berbeda-beda, ribet gitu. Nah kalau dengan Gotomalls, pengguna bisa mendapatkan info tentang beragam produk di mall, cukup melalui satu aplikasi saja, simpel! Nggak sampai sebulan kini telah bekerja sama dengan hampir 500 toko dan masih akan terus bertambah pastinya.

Fitur-fitur yang dibuat untuk menggiatkan para pengguna untuk pergi nge-mall selalu ditambahkan, misalnya nih yang terbaru yaitu fitur PokeMaps di setiap mall, lalu ada juga Weekly Lucky Draw, di mana setiap pengguna mendapat kesempatan untuk memenangkan hadiah tiap minggu cuma dengan cara mengunggah foto struk belanja di Jadi, apa lagi yang kalian tunggu? Segera kunjungi ya!